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Get Your Ideas Out Of Your Head And Into The Real World.

An UNBORING business book that will teach you how to start your own business with the least amount of money and risk.

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Okay. What Exactly is this?

ZERO TO 100 is the condensed result of hundreds of studies, journals, articles, podcasts and award winning business books redesigned into ONE single book that reads like an interactive graphic novel. Acquire proven methods from leading entrepreneurs on how to generate innovative ideas and build winning solutions from this interactive book.


Proven scientific methods of storytelling, gaming & teaching come along to make learning light, fun, engaging and straight to the point.

What Will I Learn?

Stage ONE
The basics! Step into the shoes of an entrepreneur and learn what is the main reason behind the failure of most of entrepreneurs.

Stage TWO
We will help you evaluate your surroundings and find you a right business idea. 


Launch your business idea with least amount of investment and risk. Build a prototype and predict whether your idea will succeed or not.

Find your customers. Set on a journey to find the real buyers of your product, the ones who will help you grow!

Where is the Content coming from?

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What are others saying?

John (33)
Sales Consultant @ Tagueri

"A prime example of practical learning."


Great! Now What?

Are You Ready To Invest In Yourself This Year? Screw the temptations, screw the distractions. It is easy to say, ‘I will do it tomorrow.’ Let’s take a pledge and officially fire you as the manager of the ‘Excuse Factory.’ Get ZERO TO 100 and enjoy the finest expert advice to skyrocket your idea to the next level with the world's first interactive entrepreneurship book.

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